FIREWIING by Kenneth Oppel

HarperCollins  2002  0-00639-194-X RL: 6

In this riveting sequel to Silverwing and Sunwing, the forest heaves and splits in two in a terrible quake and Griffin, a newborn silverwing bat, is sucked down a fissure to the Underworld. Shade, Griffin’s father, must save his son and face an enemy he thought he would never see again. Who will survive to make the perilous journey back to the land of the living? (204 Award Winner)



PARVANA’S JOURNEY by Deborah Ellis

Groundwood Books  2002  0-88899-519-9 RL: 5

In the sequel to The Breadwinner, Parvana, now almost 13, realizes that she will not be able to pass as a boy forever. On her long, dangerous journey on foot to find her mother and the rest of her family, Parvana becomes responsible for an unlikely trio of orphans: the baby Hassan, a one-legged boy, and a young girl, Leila. (2004 Honour Book)


 IRISH CHAIN by Barbara Haworth-Attard

Harper Trophy Canada   2002  0-00-639215-6  RL: 6

In 1917, miserable at school, Rose, 13, desperately prays to God that she won’t have to go to school anymore. Her prayers are answered in a very unexpected way. The next day, two ships explode in Halifax’s harbor, resulting in the greatest human tragedy Canada has ever seen – Rose is sure it’s her fault. She draws on the stories sewn into her grandmother’s quilt to find her own courage and inner strength. (2004 Honour Book)




ADRIFT by Julie Burtinshaw

Raincoast Books  2002  1-55192-469-2 RL: 6

David Garrett, 14, faces some serious family troubles: his mom’s clinical depression and his father’s workaholic behavior. He’s at his Aunt Jenn’s remote home in Desolation Sound, British Columbia with his 10-year-old sister for a peaceful summer, but will his aunt be able to help him or does he have to cope with taking care of his sister by himself?


BREAK AND ENTER by Norah McClintock

Scholastic Canada,  2002   0-43998-989-2   RL: 7

After being accused of cheating and then implicated in several suspicious incidents at East Hastings Regional High, Chloe sets out to clear her name. What she discovers is far more sinister than a few teenage pranks, and deadlier, too.


A COMPANY OF FOOLS by Deborah Ellis

Fitzhenry and Whiteside  2002  1-55041-719-3 RL: 6

Henri and Michah, young boys taken in by the monks of an abbey in 4th century France, help to form the company of fools, a group that sings to cheer the people who are suffering from the Black Death.



Orca Book Publishers  2002  1-55143-211-0 RL: 5

Kelly Ramoni is a 13-year-old pitching phenomenon. Will his behaviour and independent streak cost him his baseball career when he takes a stand to protect his favourite umpire and friend, Hall Mann?


FLOOD by James Heneghan

Groundwood Books,  2002  0-88899-466-4  RL: 8

Andy Flynn, 11, loses his mother and stepfather in a torrential flood. En route to Halifax to live with his Aunt Mona, Andy is surprised to learn that his father is alive and living in Halifax. He finds his father and learns that, although Vinny Flynn is a lot of fun and is as lovable as can be, he just can’t seem to keep his word, even with a bit of help from the Sheehougue or “little people.”


A FOREIGN FIELD by Gillian Chan

Kids Can Press  2002  1-55337-350-2 RL: 6                            

In 1942, during World War II Stephen Dearborn, from London, England, arrives at the RCAF base near Hagersville, Ontario, where he is to take pilot training. What no one knows is that Stephen is underage, having lied to join the RAF. Now scared by his decision, Stephen confides in Ellen Logan, 14, a girl from Hagersville, as their relationship moves from friendship to love.


IN THE KEY OF DO by Carole Frechette

Red Deer Press   2002  0-88995-254-X  RL: 5

When Dolores Desnoyers walks into 14-year-old Ver’s classroom, Vero’s life is turned upside down. Flashy and eccentric Do and quiet Vero become fast friends. Them Do and her quirky father suddenly disappear. When Vero sees her old friend on the street months later, she is determined to find Do once and for all.


THE LOSER’S CLUB by John Lekich

Annick Press,  2002   1-55037-752-3   RL: 6

When 15-year-old Alex, Winston and Manny started “the loser’s club” at their school, they were looking for a place where they’d be free from Jerry, the school bully. Now Alex is wondering: Can he keep the school from finding out that his dad’s left him alone? But more importantly, can he win the bet he’s made with jerry, or will everything keep going wrong as it always does for the members of the loser’s club?


LOSING FOREVER by Gayle Friesen

Kids Can Press   2002  1-55337-032-5  RL: 6

Jes has a miserable summer dealing with her mother’s wedding plans, changing friendships and the entrance of her soon-to-be stepsister. Her world seems to be falling apart around her. Will she ever be able to adjust to her new life?


THE LOTTERY by Beth Goobie

Orca Book Publishers   2002  1-55143-238-2  RL: 7

15-year-old Sally’s life falls apart when she wins the “lottery”-chosen to be shunned by all and forced to carry out the orders of the vicious Shadow Student Council. Can she keep her two best friends and conquer her terror long enough to reject the role of victim?


RICKY by Eric Walters

HarperCollins,   2002   10-00-639195-8   RL: 5

Ricky has 29 pets, but his grade 8 science teacher, Mr. Johnston, has even more animals in his class, including Bogart, the boa constrictor. When vandals destroy the science class and most of its animals, Ricky and his best friend Augie want to help make it right by getting Mr. Johnston a new boa, but sneaking a giant reptile into school isn’t quite so easy.



McClelland and Stewart   2002  0-88776-592-0  RL: 6

Emmaline, 15, lives and idyllic country life in Victorian England with her parents and brother Tommy, until cholera strikes and turns her world upside down. Their grim situation escalates when young Tommy is sold into servitude as a chimney sweep. Emmaline grapples with the miseries of life in industrial London as she tries to save her brother from an early death.



Red Deer Press   2001  0-88995-238-8 RL: 6

The scientists working for Benji’s father’s diamond mine have tagged Trip Seven, a female Arctic grizzly with a radio collar. Follow a year in her exciting life as she and her cubs struggle to survive in the face of a changing environment where people are using technology to change the north.


TRIBES by Arthur Slade

HarperCollins,  2002  0-00639-170-2   RL: 7          

Brilliant 17-year-old Percy struggles with the stress of his parents’ divorce and his best friend’s suicide as he and his one friend, Elissa, cynically observe the “tribes” of their graduating class.


WHEN THE WAR IS OVER by Martha Attema

Orca Books Publishers  2002  1-55143-240-4 RL: 6

Were all the Nazi soldiers cold-blooded killers in World War II?

16-year-old Janke Visser, fighting with the Resistance in occupied Holland, meets Helmut, a young German soldier who hates the war and dreams of moving to Canada to live in peace. But will Helmut and Janke abandon their families and their countries?