2021 Resources


MYRCA 2021 pamphlet

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2020 Resources:

MYRCA Sundogs and MYRCA Northern Lights poster packs are now available at McNally Robinsons Booksellers on Grant ave. Each set of 10 posters sells for $7.


MYRCA pamphlet 2020 

2020 MYRCA Nominees – Powerpoint

2020 MYRCA Nominees blurbs



2020 MYRCA Sundogs Personality Quiz

2020 MYRCA Sundogs Quiz- results

2020 Northern Personality Lights quiz

2020 Myrca Northern Lights Quiz- results

2020 MYRCA Scavenger Hunt

2020 MYRCA Authors Memory Game

2020 Sundogs Author Trivia

2020 Northern Lights Author Trivia



Jeopardy instructions

2020 Sundogs Jeopardy Questions

2020 Northern Lights Jeopardy Questions


Author Websites:

Sundogs authors:

Larry Verstraete: https://www.larryverstraete.com/

Svetlana Chmakova: https://svetlania.com/

Zetta Elliott: https://www.zettaelliott.com/

Eric Walters: http://www.ericwalters.net/

Kenneth Oppel: https://www.kennethoppel.ca/

Monique Gray Smith: https://moniquegraysmith.com/

Richard Van Camp: https://www.richardvancamp.com/

Beryl Young: http://www.berylyoung.com/

Shari Green: https://sharigreen.com/

Kevin Sylvester: https://www.kevinsylvester.online/

Lena Coakley: https://lenacoakley.com/


Northern Lights authors:

Marsh Forchuk Skrypuch: http://www.calla.com/wordpress/

Heather Smith: https://www.heathertsmith.com/

Whitney Gardner: https://www.heywhitney.com/

Christopher Paul Curtis: https://nobodybutcurtis.com/

Susin Nielsen: https://susinnielsen.com/

Colleen Nelson: http://www.colleennelsonauthor.com/

Caryn Lix: http://carynlix.com/

E.Latimer: http://www.elatimer.com/


If you have great ideas for promoting any of the nominated titles or have crafts and activities that you have used with your MYRCA clubs: Tell Us! We would love to share resources among all our MYRCA fans.

Email: myrcaward@gmail.com

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