by Kenneth Oppel

Harper Collins, 2015



12 thoughts on “The Boundless”

  1. A great adventurous story. I liked it and couldn’t believe some of the crazy facts about this book, once again this is a thrilling book to read and will be very interesting to people that love seeing the circus, trains and being obsessed with big foot. Good work Kenneth!

  2. I liked this book alot and I’d read it again if it wearnt for all the people that want to read it after me. it has lots of twists and turns and it was full of adventure and daring turns. 🙂

  3. “The Boundless” was a great book it is a very interesting story.
    It is funny and it is like nothing I’ve ever read.

    1. I agree it is the most exciting book i have ever read.My favorite part was when the train stpped and I was not sure he was going to get back on with everything that started to go wrong.

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