Stones on a Grave

Kathy Kacer

2 thoughts on “Stones on a Grave”

  1. Stonws on a Grave was a very good book.I would rate it five stars,I like this book because of the type of writing this auther uses.In this book Sara found herself outside,her orphanage was on fire!She had llived there practically her whole since birth.She had no family and very little money.She took the trip of a life time that changed her life.I really recommend this book.It is amazing and you would probably like it.

  2. Have you ever read a book named stones on a grave?The author wrote in confidents. The author is kathy kacer.This book is very nice to read and hear.There is a girl that came from Germany.It was ahard vocabulary. Shewas thorw out of a canadian orghanage.I really want you to read this book becauseit is a good book

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