The Dogs

Allan Stratton

5 thoughts on “The Dogs”

  1. My favouite part in this book is when the police come in to look in the attic for dead bodies that Cameron said he saw in his dream then it turns out that it is just a normal empty attic. Then he starts to fight with the little ghost boy for lying to him and it turns out that Cameron thought that the ghost sent him the dream then the ghost said that he never sent a dream and that he in cant send dream .

  2. The Dogs, by Allan Stratton, is a very entertaining novel to read. With its ghosts and rumors, it kept me up reading until 2:00 a.m. One of my favourite things about the is that Allan was inspired by his own family to write this book, so he gave me a lot of details. So much that I could picture it happening to me!

  3. This book was pretty good. It was really interesting because, it had lot’s of action in it. There were some parts that were boring , but overall it was really good. This book has really good word choice and characters. Basically what i’m trinity to say is that i recommend this book for you guys to read

  4. The Dogs by Allan Stratton.
    When i was reading The Dogs i was pretty bored. Its does get interesting in the middle of the book when all the action begins. It is very intense and I have never read a book like this with so much action. I recommend reading this book if you’re always bored.

  5. This is a very , very thrilling book . This book wants you to read more.Allan Stratton has also written 19 other books. Allan Stratton is more of a cat person . I think he has 2 or 3 cats .Back to the book . Has i said this book is very thrilling, and very interesting. And very mysterious. If you can tell Allan Stratton is more of adventure. In the book there is a boy name Cameron . Cameron was trying to figure out the story of his house . he meet this ghost named Jackie . Cameron is running away form his Dad . but you mhave to read the book. Allan Startton has a book coming out on April 19 2017!! The Way back Home

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