Circle of Cranes by Annette LeBox

Penguin, 2012. 9780803734432.

Interest level: Grades 5 and up.

13 year old Suyin’s story begins with her nearly losing her life to save a young crane in the marshes of a poor Chinese village. The bond that she forms with cranes and their mystical world of He Shan is all that sustains her in her struggle to survive being smuggled across the ocean to work in a North American sweatshop and to discover her roots.

15 thoughts on “Circle of Cranes”

  1. I loved this book; it was sad but I really liked the book. I would say it is more for grades about 6-8 because it has violence and older youth subjects. I<3 this Book!!!!

  2. I love how this story combines Chinese folk stories with a real life adventure. It was great to see a strong female character “win the day”. It was hard to put the book down and now I want to learn more about crane women and embroidery. The only thing I was unsure of was if the book took place in modern times or about 50 – 80 years ago.

    JBM 20

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