4 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow”

  1. Ebb & Flow was a really good book. I liked the poems and the storyline. However the story was a little hard to follow. Jett’s perspective of Junior was really unique and showed how much of a good person he is inside despite his actions.

    I would really recommend reading this book. It taught me how to not judge others as much as I do. It has great messages about being able to change and about looking at life a different way.

  2. I loved how Ebb and Flow was told in poems. It was the first time i’ve read a book written in that style so I was curious. To me it looked pretty creative and the story made me feel even sadder by how it was told in poems as well. I cried while reaching the end.
    In the beginning it was kind of confusing and I didn’t really understand what was going on at first but I decided to keep going because it was a short book. I gave it a chance. As I progressed through the book it explained more and more of what was going on and goes into the backstory, the past, of the main character Jett.
    I wasn’t really interested in the first part of the story because it mostly talked about how Jett went to his grandmother’s house and hung out with her. I was losing interest at this point and was choosing between continuing on with the book or just picking out a different one. It was a really short book and each chapter was around one poem each. I thought that it didn’t hurt to continue so I did.
    Best decision ever!
    As I continued the book I learnt more and more about Jett and I was in shock, tears, anger for the rest of the book. I learned his backstory, his point of view, his friends, the hard choices he was forced to make only being a child and not knowing any better. As I finished the book I felt like I was changed forever. It was a great experience.
    I recommend this book. 10/10. You just need to finish it

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