Middle of Nowhere by Caroline Adderson

Groundswood Books, 2012. 9781554981328.

Interest level: Grades 5 and up.

After his Mom does not come home from work for a week, 12 year old Curtis begins to panic. Afraid of being sent back into foster care, Curtis and his 5 year old brother befriend a crotchety old neighbour, Mrs. Burt. At first, Curtis is happy when Mrs. Burt takes them to her idyllic lake cabin, but he becomes suspicious when she has no plans to take them home!

22 thoughts on “Middle of Nowhere”

  1. Imagine, your parents won’t come home.You are left alone for 2 weeks. And a strange neighbour scares your little brother.That is what this book is about. A must read book!!!

    1. Before you say this is your fav book, let me ask you something. Have you read such wicked intent or guilty cuz if u have not, when you read them, your mind will be like wow and your mouth like this :O

  2. Everyone thats reading the commets listen to this! You have too read this book, it got kinda sad about its still and amazing book!

  3. this book is outstanding. but the ending is pretty sad. 🙁 i think they should change the ending but all in all it is a great book to read

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