The MYRCA committee is deeply grateful to the publishers who make it possible for us to select the nominees every year. Thank you.

Publisher Liaisons:

All inquiries for submissions can be sent to:

MYRCA Submission Guidelines

To submit books for consideration, to be added to our publishers contact list or for our full Submissions Guideline, please email us. (
MYRCA Submission Guideline
1.  Books must be fiction written for young readers aged 9 to 15 (Grades
2. Books must be written by a Canadian born or a permanent resident of
3. Books must be copyrighted two years prior to the date of the award.
In other words, books for the 2023 MYRCA shortlist must have a
publication date of 2021.
4. Reprints, re-issues and revised editions are not eligible.
5. Translations may be submitted in the year that the English edition is
6. High interest – Low vocabulary titles will not be considered.
Publishers are requested to send 3 reading copies of all books that fit these submission guidelines. Physical copies are preferred, with a few exceptions.
Submission Deadline is: December 15th, 2021.
Please contact us (  if you believe that your submission will not meet the deadline.
We understand that 2020/21 has been out of the ordinary, we are willing to make exceptions in regards to submissions. Please contact us ( ), if you have any questions or concerns.