The MYRCA committee is deeply grateful to the publishers who make it possible for us to select the nominees every year. Thank you.

Thin Air the International Writer’s Festival is our partner with liaising with publishers who are interested in submitting their titles for consideration. For more information , please contact or fill out the following form.

MYRCA Submission Guidelines

To submit books for consideration, to be added to our publishers contact list or for our full Submissions Guideline, please email us.
MYRCA Submission Guideline
1.  Books must be fiction written for young readers aged 9 to 15 (Grades
2. Books must be written by a Canadian born or a permanent resident of
3. MYRCA is currently looking for any eligible titles published in 2024.
4. Reprints, re-issues and revised editions are not eligible.
5. Translations may be submitted in the year that the English edition is
6. High interest – Low vocabulary titles will not be considered.
Submission Deadline is: December 15th, 2024.