by Kenneth Oppel
Alfred A Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2020

When a mysterious plant species shows up after a downpour, Anya, Petra and Seth, three teens from Salt Spring, do not think twice about it. But when the plant becomes invasive, taking over and feeding off the town, panic sets in. The teens, immune to the plant’s effects, must figure out a way to not only save their town, but save the world as well.
by Sam Maggs
Imprint, 2020

12-year-old twins, Cat and Alex, are pumped about the Comic-Con, and more importantly, competing in an epic scavenger hunt. But the last thing 14-year-old Fi wants to do is baby-sit her nerdy siblings at this nerdy convention while their parents are working. Cat and Alex need to work together to slip away from Fi and win the hunt, while Fi must hunt them down, before her parents find out they’re missing.
Me and Banksy
by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Puffin, 2020

Dominica and her friends attend a private school with security cameras in every corner.  Students no longer feel safe and protected by the cameras when someone starts hacking them and posting embarrassing pictures on the student forum.  The viral videos cause so much misery.  When the adults cause roadblocks instead of finding solutions, Dominica turns to art to help solve the mystery. Can graffiti save the day?
Music for Tigers
by Michelle Kadarusman
Pajama Press, 2020

When Louisa is sent to stay at her family’s Tasmanian rainforest camp, she isn’t impressed. She needs to spend the summer practicing her violin to prepare for her audition with the youth symphony. In spite of herself, Louisa is fascinated by tales of her grandmother’s work to save the now extinct Tasmanian tiger. Could the rumours of tiger sightings be true and, if they are, can Louisa find a way to carry on her grandmother’s mission?
Planet Hockey
by J Torres and Tim Levins

A mix-up of galactic proportions finds Isaac and Lily, two human kids, playing hockey for (literally) the worst team in the galaxy. Isaac has not played hockey since breaking his arm in the big game (and costing his team the victory), preferring to limit his playing to online hockey, where he is a star. Lily, a superstar goalie, helps Isaac return to the ice, and in doing so, they both help their new team rise in the ranks of the Galaxian Hockey League.
The Barren Grounds
By David Robertson
Penguin Random House Canada, 2020

Morgan doesn’t want to start over with another foster home. But then she and her new foster brother, Eli, find a portal in the attic to another world. They discover Aski, a frozen land where people and animals can still communicate and Ochek, a fisher who can teach them the traditional ways of their people. Can the kids help Ochek save his community and drive back the endless winter that threatens to freeze them all?
The Body Under the Piano
by Marthe Jocelyn
Tundra, 2020

Aggie Morton is an adventurous and imaginative girl, yet shy, but when she befriends 12-year-old Belgian immigrant Hector Perot, her life greatly changes. After they discover a dead body on the floor of the Mermaid Dance Room, Aggie and Hector take it upon themselves to solve the mystery and find the culprit before her favourite dance instructor is charged with a crime Aggie is sure she did not commit.
The Language of Ghosts
by Heather Fawcett
Balzer and Bray, 2020

Noa Marchena used to be a princess before she was forced into exile. Now she has to look after her younger sister Mite as well the sea monster that guards their moving island home. On top of all that, Noa must keep her brother Julian’s magical powers in check and reclaim her family’s throne. Will Noa’s discovery that she can speak a magical language be enough to save her family?
The Lost Scroll of the Physician
by Alisha Sevigny
Dundurn, 2020

After losing their home and their parents in a suspicious fire, Sesha and Ky flee the Pharaoh’s palace. When they are captured and brought to the palace, Pharaoh demands Sesha find an ancient scroll her father was transcribing. Pharaoh needs the rare medical scroll for his army, Sesha hopes it will save Ky’s life. Danger closes in as the young scribe gets closer to the scroll and she is forced to gamble on whom she can trust.