Barry Squires, Full Tilt
by Heather Smith
Penguin Teen, 2020

Barry Squires is a teenage boy full of energy and somewhat lacking in social skills. In a busy home in St. John’s NL he welcomes a new baby brother with all the love that an older brother can give. As Barry deals with a busy family, a port wine facial birthmark, bullies at school, and Irish Clog Dancing you will come to love his infectious nature and empathize with his pain.
by Sigmund Brouwer
Tundra, 2020

In this prehistoric adventure Atlatl struggles to find his place in the clan and earn the respect of his father. Not everyone accepts his friendship with a sabre tooth tiger cub, or the new weapon he created.
From the Roots Up, Surviving the City v.02
by Tasha Spillett
High Water Press, 2020

After the death of her Kokum, Dez finds herself living in a group home. She and her best friend, Miikwan, are navigating new relationships with other people, and Dez is discovering her identity as a Two-Spirit person. While attending a cultural after-school program, Dez challenges some of the traditions and teachings of her ancestors in order to find a place where she can truly be herself.
I Hope You’re Listening
by Tom Ryan
AW Teen, 2020

Ten years ago, Dee was almost abducted. She managed to escape but her friend Sibby did not. Now, Dee hosts a true crime podcast anonymously as “The Seeker” and asks her listeners to help her solve mysteries. When another little girl goes missing and the signs point to similarities with Sibby’s disappearance, will Dee finally find out what really happened?
Rogue Princess
by B R Myers
Swoon Reads, 2020

Being a princess means having to put your personal feelings aside for duty. Tradition demands that Delia get married to form an alliance, but she rebels and follows her own path. Things start to go wrong when she discovers Aidan, a stow-away on her stolen spaceship. Aidan accuses her of kidnapping him and tensions flare. When the mismatched duo discovers a secret plot to destroy their home, they must work together to save everything that they love.
Sara and the Search for Normal
by Wesley King
Simon Schuster, 2020

Desperate to be normal, Sara has an extensive checklist she uses to try to fit in. We see her struggle to make friends and adapt to new situations while getting to understand how she lives with mental illness. Her new friend, Erin, helps to bring Sara out of her shell, though Sara will have to deal with difficult situations when she starts to notice something off, and things get tough at home.
The Rise and Fall of Derek Cowell
by Valerie Sherrard
Dancing Cat Books, 2020

Derek Cowell was just a regular middle school kid, until an accidental photo bomb skyrocketed him to instant internet celebrity.  Now everyone is waiting for what hilarious thing he will do next. But the sudden rise to popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Will his meteoric rise to fame be followed by a catastrophic fall?
The Witch’s Hand, The Montague Twins
by Nathan Page and Drew Shannon
Alfred A. Knoff, 2020

After a strange storm, three girls go missing. Mystery loving twins Pete and Alistair Montague decide it is time to find out what happened, and it turns out the answer is more thrilling than they had thought! Their ordinary lives are not so ordinary and that there are magical forces at work they never dreamed of. Will Pete and Alistair finally discover the secrets that their guardian David has been keeping hidden all their lives?
Trapped in Hitler’s Web
by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Scholastic, 2020

11-year-old Maria is faced with an impossible choice – stay with her family and possibly survive the Nazi occupation of her town, which puts her Jewish friend Nathan in grave danger, or go further into the Third Reich and try to hide in plain sight. But what will happen when she and Nathan are separated? Can they survive being trapped in Hitler’s web?