Why Vote?

Voting encourages students to express their opinion on reading material and is the only way to be invited to the MYRCA Award Ceremony, usually held in the fall.

When to vote

Voting will begin on March 23, 2020. The deadline for submitting votes for the 2019 MYRCA winner is midnight Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

Who can vote?

All young people, residents of Manitoba, in grades 4 – 9 are eligible to vote. Students must read a minimum of 3 books from the MYRCA Sundogs list to be able to vote for this category. Students must read a minimum of 3 books from the MYRCA Northern Lights list to be able to vote in this category. The grade levels stated are interest levels and students wishing to read both lists or a list outside their grade levels are welcome to do so. Parents and teachers should be consulted if a student wishes to read books outside their grade level.

How To Vote?

Teachers: Download the Sundogs ballot or Northern Lights Ballot and have your students fill it out by having them check off the titles they have read and write down the title of the one they choose as the winner. Then fill out the 2020 MYRCA Sundogs Voting Summary or 2020 MYRCA Northern Lights Voting Summary by calculating how many times each book has been read and how many votes each book received.

Ballots and Voting Summaries will be available closer to the date of the votes.

Visit our website during the voting period to access the online link to the electronic survey. Children may not fill in the survey, only their teachers, parents or guardians may complete the survey on their behalf. The online link will appear on March 18th on our home page and will be removed after April10th, 2019. No votes will be counted after midnight on April10th, 2019.

Parents: Visit any branch of the Winnipeg Public Library or McNally Robinson’s on Grant during the voting period between March 18th and April 10th, 2019 to fill out a ballot in person or use the instructions from the Teachers section to fill out the ballot online.

Voting Instructions:

Voters must check off the titles they have read and/or heard read and add up the total amount of books.

If their total is between 3-5, the voter must write down the title of the book they choose as their winner.

If their total is between 6-10, the voter must write down 2 titles of the books they choose as their favorite(s).

Voters who are eligible to vote twice may vote for the same book if they choose to do so. They would simply write down the same title in the provided space on the ballot.

Thank you for participating!