LOOKING AT THE MOON by Kit Pearson

Viking,   1991  Paper   0-14034-852-2 Cloth  0-84097-1

In this sequel to THE SKY IS FALLING, Norah and Gavin, although worried about their family back in war-time England, are excited about spending August 1943 at their Aunt’s Muskoka cottage. A surprise visitor is 19 year-old cousin Andrew. Norah, now 13, falls head over heels in love.





Genera,   1991  Paper  0-7736-7344-X

Rafe’s history project transports him and his cousin Edie back to the year 1936. Will their knowledge of the past enable them to warn the people of Belleville about the fast-approaching flood? In their effort to return to the present, the cousins learn more about their families and each other.



Stoddart,   1991  Paper  0-7737-5369-9

Sixteen-year old Beau Garrett is confused and angry when his older brother comes home 7 years after running away to Vancouver. Steve is hot-tempered and dangerous, but, as Beau learns the frightening secrets that haunt Steve, a strong friendship grows between the two brothers.



Scholastic,   1991  Paper  0-590-73824-0

Clarice O’Brian and her friend Sadie of the O’Brian Detective Agency have the chance to solve their first case. But it looks as if the Case of the Marmalade Cat isn’t the only mystery around…there’s Miss Parsnip who looks and acts like a witch and their new friend Brick who talks in cat language.


A CAT OF ARTIMUS PRIDE by Hazel Hutchins

Annick Press,   1991  Paper  1-55037-199-1

While busy building an unusual float for the Heritage Day Parade, Claire Ross realizes she is having a conversation with a 100 year-old cat named Cortex. Cortex has a project of his own. He leads Claire and her friends on a search to solve the mystery of his old friend Artimus Pride, one of the town’s first settlers.


1812: JEREMY AND THE GENERAL by John Ibbitson

Maxwell McMillan Canada,   1991  Paper  0-0295-4085-2

At the age of fifteen Jeremy is not only orphaned but also has been cheated out of his family’s Upper Canada farm. He heads off to York, with little money and no plans, as by accident finds himself in the British Army as a servant to General Brock, waiting for the Americans to invade Canada.


LORINDA’S DIARY by Budge Wilson

General,   1991  Paper  0-7736-3748-2

At fourteen, Lorinda has plenty to write about in her diary. She is trying to work out a balance in her life between basketball, a new friendship, and the changing relationship with her childhood friend, Duncan. Then her lonely and demanding grandfather comes to visit, and Lorinda finds herself in the middle of a family crisis.



Scholastic Inc.,   1991  Paper  0-590-43941-3

They are making a movie at Macdonald Hall, and Bruno is determined to share the spotlight with superstar Jordie Jones. Bruno’s attempts to get into the movie and Boot’s attempts to keep Bruno out of trouble add up to one hilarious disaster after another.


NO PROBLEM WE’ll FIX IT by Lyle Weis

General,   1991  Paper  0-7736-7297-4

Twelve-year old Kim resents being stuck on a farm for two weeks with cousins she barely knows. She soon forgets her resentment when she and her cousins uncover a plot to steal the young peregrine falcons nesting nearby.


PICK-UP STICKS by Sarah Ellis

Groundwood,   1991  Paper  0-88899-162-5

Polly, thirteen, is devastated when she discovers that the house she has lived in all her life has been sold. When the search for an affordable apartment bogs down, Polly’s anger at her mother for choosing the life of an unmarried artist explodes, and she makes a decision that has unexpected consequences.


STRANDIA by Susan Lyn Reynolds

HarperCollins,   1991  Paper  0-00-647409-8

In the fantasy world of Strandia, Sand is one of the island women who can communicate with dolphins. She denies these powers and runs away to escape an arranged marriage to a man she despises. In a far-off land she builds a new life for herself, then faces an agonizing decision when she learns Strandia must be warned of approaching disaster.


THERE’S A COW IN MY SWIMMING POOL by Martyn Godfey and Frank O’Keefe,

Scholastic,   1991  Paper  0-590-74045-8

Eleven-year-old Nicole is unhappy about her mother’s marriage to Mr. Manning, her grade 5 teacher. Even though her Mom and new step dad say “no” to a pool party before leaving on their honeymoon, Nicole and Robin go ahead with their plans. The party is a great success until things start to get out of hand.


TWO MOONS IN AUGUST by Martha Brooks

Groundwood,   1991  Paper  0-88899-170-3

As the first anniversary of her mother’s death approaches, 16 year-old Sidonie is still trying to accept her loss, as are her bossy older sister and reclusive father. Memories of her mother, and Sidonie’s growing attraction to Kieran, who has his own troubles, help her to deal with her grief.



Pormac Publishing,   1991  Paper  0-88780-098-X

Sixteen year-old Corey Wheeler feels torn between the black and white sides of his heritage. When simmering racial tension in Corey’s high school explodes in violence, he is caught right in the middle. With the help of his Great-uncle Larry, Corey begins to feel proud of who he is and where he comes from.