dayinthe life

by Stacey Matson

Scholastic Canada, 2015




18 thoughts on “A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius”

  1. I read this book halfway through and didn’t really like because it had a really slow start. If it was a little complex, it would have been a really good book. but still keep up the good work!

    1. I think it was great, but the ending surprised me a little. I like books with a slower start and a happy end. I don’t really like when a book just ends

  2. I loved this book it was awesome I thought this book awesome because it was funny people who like dairy the of a wimpy kid sould read the book

  3. This book was looking at a different point of veiw and he knows that he’s telling the story. I disagree with Jetr though, this book has nothing to do with Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  4. this book was so great but the ending i got shocked he didn’ t a gf at all it funny and robbie zack he is still weird i loved the book because of the characters they so funny this book has a lot to do with the dariy of a wimpy kid because the topic he gose to school greg also gose to school and they have problems

    1. I only read this book halfway through and you could tell that it was about a boy and his life at school but I have to disagree with Jetr too because this book is nothing about what the Dairy Of The Wimpy Kid. but you think of as a different point of view and connected some things that I didn’t about.
      I still respect you ideas and everybody else’s.

  5. Okay. so this book isn’t that bad, once you cruise through the first half, it gets pretty good. so good job Ms. Stacey Matson!!!

  6. this book is awesome! playful and humourous! for anyone who dosent like novels this one they will like. AWESOME! 😀

  7. I really liked this book . It has a slow start, but overall, an awesome story. I reccomend it to the Dairy Of The Wimpy Kid fans.

  8. This book was awsome, it was exciting when he got the part in the school play with the girl he likes, Kennedy seemes nice. I really like the book!!!!!!

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