One thought on “Don’t Tell the Enemy”

  1. Rating: 4.5/5 I believe that this book deserves a 4.5 because of the number of deaths that occurred. This book is not for people who like joyful things as it truly shows how awful the Holocaust was. If your classroom is learning about World War 2 and especially the Holocaust, this is a good book to tell you how cruel it really could be with the Nazis controlling the world.
    This is a must read book if you want to find out what happened during the devastating 6 years of World War 2. If you just want to read the book due to you needing something to grasp your mind on WW2, you should still read this book. It may contain a lot of horrible things, but it teaches you that these effects are still happening today due to your skin, religion, beliefs, etc. Amazing book to read.

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