2 thoughts on “Dragons in a Bag”

  1. I think that this book is somehow a sad and adventurous book.Even if they almost lost their house, his dad died, and I think maybe his mom left him, after all of that sadness he prevails. He turns out to find his grandpa he’s able save his “Ma” from the Mesozoic era and he never gives up. Over all I think the personality of Jax “The main character” and the personality of “Ma” is funny and wise at the same time. The story behind the characters is well chosen and at the start we do not know a lot about it but it comes like a puzzle.

  2. I think that this book was one of my favorite books because this book was magical and i’m a harry potter fan so i like magic and adventure so I think you would really like this book if you like magic and adventures but overall I give this book a 5/5 and if your a harry potter fan like me you would probably like this book.

    Thank you for listening to my opinion.

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