walking home

by Eric Walters

Doubleday Canada, 2015


7 thoughts on “Walking Home”

  1. It`s a good book but it can be really creepy at times, like the way it explained the burned man, goodness.
    But another great book Mr.Walters!

  2. It’s a good book. It’s from one of my many favourite authors, Eric
    Walters. It teaches you that anything is possible whether you’re big or small. All you need id determination,will, and a little bit of hope!

  3. Love the book:) but scary at times like when they slept in a tree with a lion at their feet the cover gives u a desert and journey feeling i read the last chapter SIX times its that good but the first ten chapters are sad:[ nice job Eric Walters!! u got me busy reading instead of gaming;)

  4. i really like this book. i love how the author showed the characters emotions. and i loved the inspirational moments. this book is recommended to everyone! keep it up Mr. Walters!

  5. I really liked the adventures in it because every chapter it’s a new adventure and that it’s based on one family. Another thing I liked is that some parts really surprise you, and the ending is really unexpected.

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