Kevin Sylvester

4 thoughts on “MiNRS”

  1. Kevin Sylvester is a very intelligent man in my opinion, His book Minrs is about a boy named Christopher who goes through an incredible journey on a planet called Perses. Christopher lives in an apartment on Perses with his mom and dad, he is an only child. Everything seems to be going great on Perses until the Tragedy…

    Hooked you yet?

  2. A great book! It’s characters draw young minds like moths to a flame. A kind of “Star Wars-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” combo. Also, it has a great twist ending. An awesome read for ages 10+

  3. This year MiNRS by: Kevin Sylvester is one out of the 16 book nominees for the Myrca Book Club 2017. The book is about earth running out of resources, therefore they travel to a planet named “Perses”. Later on there is a blackout and there are bombings. This is the first book that i decided to read because Kevin described his book in a very interesting and descriptive way. Although the book isn’t very interesting during some parts, I would still recommend it because the story line is interesting and unique. Also, the author is very dedicated to his ideas of what happens. This is why I recommend that you read this book.

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