Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Random House, 2012. 9780385668392.

Interest level: Grades 6 and up.

16 year old Seraphina’s gift of music is inherited from her dragon mother. When a dragon becomes the main suspect in royal murder, Seraphina’s closely guarded secret could be revealed, undermining her growing relationship with Prince Lucien Kiggs, detroying her family and, perhaps, throwing the kingdom into war.

11 thoughts on “Seraphina”

  1. So far this book is awesome! Can’t wait to finish it! Whoever is reading this comment, I think you should read it! Full of funny stuff. A bit creepy, though. 0..o

  2. This book was a bit long and boring. It was a bit hard to understand and I think there are a lot of things that could have been left out.

  3. My friends all told me not to read it because it was really boring but I read it anyway, and I loved it!!! It was really interesting! You should definitely read this book!

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